In the summer of 2019 concert singer Igor Bogaert suddenly ended up in the hospital after a nasty food poisoning that ran out of control. In September 2019 he was discharged from the hospital and started his physical therapy, which he is continuing till this day. In order to thank his professional caregivers and the people close to him for all the care and support that he has received during the past years Igor started organizing the project ‘carte blanche 4 igor’.

June 1, 2023, in Amsterdam

The show ‘carte blanche 4 igor’ is telling the story of singer Igor Bogaert, who is (temporarily?) disabled and who longs to be on stage again and perform.

The Story

Unfortunately, Igor has had to let go of his professional career as a concert singer. He now goes through life as a rehabilitation singer: a singer who doesn’t sing himself. Igor then asks his friends from the music industry to help him produce a full evening show together with him, but he must overcome many challenges, one after the other. During this (learning) process he gradually finds out that it is not as much the stage and the singing that he is missing, but that he’d rather become an opera producer.

The Music

Igor wants to enrapture his audience with heavenly and immersive opera music, that appeals to both young and old; music that makes you laugh, and with drama that makes you cry. While singing and performing with his music friends, an opera party is created on the spot, full of music (and dance?), food and drinks.

Opera party by Igor and his music friends

The participants and musical accompaniment

As an opera producer Igor has set up quite a wish list. He would like to have:

  • a gorgeous looking, heavenly singing soprano;
    Mijke Sekhuis, soprano


  • a wonderful and charming alt-mezzo;
    Carina Vinke, alt-mezzo


  • a dream tenor;
Robert Luts, tenor
  • a solid, cheerful bas-baritone: Bruno De Jonghe;
  • a great and swinging pianist;

    Jean-Baptiste Milon, piano
A show full of festive music that will make you laugh
  • a nice promotional video in order to draw people’s attention to this event;
A location in or near the Vondelpark in Amsterdam
  • (For those interested, as an option preceding the show:)
    a tour around the Vondelpark led by an experience tour guide;
Daan Aeijelts, experienced Vondelpark-guide


A location which is free of charge and easily accessible to people with or without any (in)visible impairment
  • A refreshing and (one of a) kind orchestra that plays along: Cordes en Bleu;
  • An enthusiastic female conductor with a passion for belcanto-opera: Pascale van Os;
An audience that is ready to enjoy the show (as well as a snack and drink) to the fullest!


Have you become curious about the event? Do you have any questions, tips, suggestions, offers or comments to make this opera party even more festive? Then please fill out the below response form.

As soon as the crowdfunding for this project has been started, it will be announced on this website.

Opera party with collaboration of a-ma-zing musicians


Carte blanche 4 igor: promotional video (feb  2023):



Rehabilitation singer Igor in an interview about the creation of ‘carte blanche 4 igor’:


Idea and design: Igor Bogaert
Photography: Annemieke Tonnaer
Other images: Gijs Klunder
Website design:

‘carte blanche 4 igor’ is a production by Foundation De Revalidatiezanger [The Rehabilitation singer]

Foundation De Revalidatiezanger has been founded by Igor Bogaert. It is the foundation’s aim to have everybody, without or with any physical or mental handicap, take their fully fledged and independent place in society. Civil manners and an analogue management promote this goal.

For the purpose of meeting and inspiring each other, the foundation is organizing, among other things, performances with classical vocal music.

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